Who Am I?

I’m just like many of you, trying to find my way in this crazy world and follow God’s plan for my life. 

Over the years, I’ve learned that life is ever changing and we need to not focus on the negative, but focus on the positive. While I have my moments of negativity, I ask God to send the Holy Spirit to guide me and comfort me. 

I’m originally from Ocean Springs, a small, coastal town in Mississippi that is filled with creative souls, unique restaurants, and some of the best people I’ve ever known. I’m fortunate enough to have a wonderful husband who supports me and challenges me to grow as a person, as well as in my faith. We know God brought us together after divorce. Between the two of us we have three daughters and one son – two daughters from my first marriage and twins from his first marriage. We are blessed to have each other in this crazy world. 

We all currently live in East Tennessee with our dog, cat, and fish.